Testing Web Applications with Selenium Grid

Posted 5/29/14
Selenium has greatly evolved with time, especially since the 2.0 release when the legacy Selenium project merged with Google’s WebDriver. Nowadays, Selenium offers a wide range of programming languages supported to write the tests, an impressive browser compatibility list, the ability to record tests from user interactions and, above all in my opinion, the ability to re-execute tests across a...

Five Good Tools for Wireframing

Caroline Callahan
Posted 3/31/14
Search for wireframing tools and you’ll find plenty of options, partially due to the fact that a standard hasn’t been set. The positive side is designers have plenty to choose from and can find what works best for them. I’ve gone through a few programs — some I’m familiar with, some I’ve tested for this blog — and given a breakdown of pros and cons for each. Adobe programs Several...

Liferay Hook Customization - Startup Action vs Hot Deploy Listener

Posted 3/25/14
The power of Liferay Portal as a development platform lies in its customizability. That is, you, as a developer, are able to make changes to the Liferay source code directly, through a number of different methods, providing for a number of technology and business benefits. Unsurprisingly, this power comes with a high risk. If you do not make changes the "proper" way, you may introduce defects...

Book Review : Selenium WebDriver Practical Guide

Li An Kwan
Posted 3/18/14
One of the biggest challenges in working with open source software is finding good documentation on their usage and functionalities.  Selenium, unfortunately, is not exempt from lacking high quality resources.  It is true that everything can be found on the Internet, but it is also true that not everything on the Internet is of good, accurate quality.  A simple glance at...

Introduction to AbleCommerce Gold

Posted 2/25/14
This is a series of AbleCommerce posts that will introduce the AbleCommerce Gold platform, architecure and features. My name is Anthony Antony and I am a Sr. Project Lead for the Application Development group at Dunn Solutions Group.  This first post will focus on AbleCommerce Gold and the benefits of using this platform. To get us started here are some of the general types of...