Performance Testing on Government Health Insurance Marketplace Website

Kenneth Yeung
Posted 10/24/13
The high demand for health insurance inquiries has led to severe performance issues for the government’s new health insurance marketplace website.  The overwhelmed servers and slow response time will need to be addressed using performance tuning, optimization and refinement. Is the issue that more thorough performance testing should have been done before the website was...

Generating Liferay 6.1/6.2 Documentation

Posted 10/23/13
Introduction: Liferay Portal Framework is an open source software- which is fully customizable and easy to configure- can be used to create and manage internet or intranet applications. With any open source software, documentation is critical as it helps its users to understand the software much better. Liferay have been providing documentation for all the previous Liferay versions...

Kaleo WorkFlow With Liferay 6.1

Posted 10/11/13
Introduction : Our first blog post will talk about workflows in Liferay, specific to the 6.1 release.  We expect 6.2 to be generally available after the Liferay Symposium next week.  If you are attending, please stop by and say hello at our exhibit! Workflow.  First, let's explain exactly what we mean when we talk about workflow.  A workflow consists...