3 sales tax triggers for your growing software company

Meghan Souza
Posted 12/4/17
Software sales tax — it can be tough to wrap your head around. Even tougher once you consider this: Your sales tax obligations mirror your company. As you grow (new products, new staff, new locations), your sales tax obligations grow too.   At this very moment, your business may be engaging in activities that create nexus — the obligation to collect and remit sales tax in a state....

Leveraging your e-commerce platform for subscriber acquisition

Chinye Amanda Osamusali
Posted 8/23/17
Your company’s ability to grow your email list with valuable contacts will provide the foundation for all of your email marketing efforts. Many marketers struggle to determine the best way to get new email subscribers. Subscriber acquisition should be the number one priority of a strong email marketing strategy. By communicating the right way with your customers, your subscriber acquisition...

Why Web Portals Make Sense for Your Marketing Team

Steve Nagle
Posted 8/7/17
Marketing teams and structures come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a one-person operation or a multi-faceted department consisting of several teams, modern organizations face a similar challenge in this arena: delivering desirable content to consumers. If a company wants to publish a blog, upload new product images, or debut it’s latest press release, it often involves...

Why SAP Hybris Marketing is Right for Your E-Commerce Business

Taylor Casino
Posted 8/3/17
Marketing is a cornerstone of e-commerce business. It’s what attracts new consumers to your business and keeps loyal customers coming back again and again. Today, more than 80% of consumers conduct online research before making a large purchase. This means that consumers are online, actively researching your products before making a purchase. It’s time to turn those lookers into buyers and...

Expand your web application to mobile

Payas Tikotekar
Posted 1/11/17
Expand your web application to mobile We have crossed the tipping point. Today a majority of web page views come from mobile devices. The ease of access of cellphones and tablets coupled with the ubiquity of Wi-Fi and cellular network coverage, means that more and more users are spending time their time online on mobile devices. These users expect a good experience on their mobile...