Top E-Commerce User Experience Strategies

Karol Bort
Posted 5/25/16
Building a successful ecommerce business can be a very complex effort. If you’re reading this article, chances are that you have come across multiple articles and you’re interested in expanding your knowledge about e-commerce. You may also notice that following latest trends can be a daunting task as in the most recent years we’ve observed a massive expansion of ecommerce offerings....

Top Four Ways of Attracting and Retaining Website Visitors

Laura Jones
Posted 5/23/16
As the nature of technology is anything but static, website technology has grown so much in recent years that a website built even 5 years ago is obsolete today. That means your site may be missing key features that could be costing your company visibility and opportunities. Let’s explore some of the key ways you could increase your websites visibility, productivity and ability to make...

Blade Tools

Christopher Freund
Posted 3/1/16
Liferay 7.0 and Blade Tools With Liferay 7.0 coming out in a very few short months, developers will have to spend time familiarizing themselves with the new features and frameworks that come along with it. One such change is the OSGi framework and with it the development of components and modules. Gone are the days of creating specific plugin types such as portlets and hooks through...

Quick Overview of Liferay Fundamentals

Payas Tikotekar
Posted 10/6/15
Liferay portal is software platform for building web application and websites which consists of A Web platform – to build websites / applications, An Enterprise CMS – to update content and set workflows, An Integration Platform – to combine various applications into a single unified user experience A Collaboration Platform – to allow teams and organizations to work together ...

Dynamic Reporting using JasperReports

Christopher Freund
Posted 6/19/15
Jasper Reports JasperReports is an open source Java reporting tool that generates dynamic content using XML and .jasper files and can be easily embedded into any Java application, including Liferay. It has the ability to take any kind of data source and create PDF, HTML, EXCEL and many other documents at run time. There are many thrid party tools that can be used to create...