Big Data Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) Big Data Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS)

To become a data driven organization you need to be able to handle the vast amounts, variety and massive flow of data (Big Data) to gain actionable insight.  The technologies of the past do not work for Big Data.  Let Dunn Solutions' AWS consultants show you how to leverage the power and scale of Amazon services to handle Big Data, IoT, data lakes and machine learning.

Big Data challenges (data lakes, IoT, streaming data, unstructured data, machine learning) require flexible scalable environments; Amazon AWS Big Data solutions.  Dunn Solutions' AWS Big Data consultants will implement the AWS Big Data solution that will allow you to scale up or down on demand to meet your needs.  This has always been a challenge for on premise data centers within organizations.  It simply is not cost effective to lay out the capital expense of maintain the hardware and infrastructure required to support Big Data.  Whether its real-time streaming, clickstream analytics, machine learning or data lakes, Dunn Solutions' AWS consultants will set you up with a highly scalable and flexible cloud based Big Data solution that will meet your needs today and in the future.

AWS provides a full range of tools to handle all your Big Data needs.  Dunn Solutions' AWS consultants will implement, manage and consult on your Big Data projects so that you can focus on your core business – gaining actionable insight to compete!

All Your Big Data Needs Met in One Place

AWS Data Lake

AWS Data Lake

AWS data lakes are built on Amazon S3 storage, Amazon Glacier and AWS Glue.  These AWS data lake solutions provides your organization a viable and cost effective way to store all its data for later processing and analysis.  The challenge with data is that there is so much of it, so much so that it is impossible to consume and analyze as fast as it is being produced.  A lot of this data is streaming and transient, if you don't capture it when it's produced you will never get the chance to analyze it.  IoT data, social media data carrying valuable insight simply goes untapped. 

Dunn Solutions' AWS data lake consultants will help you capture and store this valuable information in AWS data lake and manage it with Glue so that your analysts and research teams can focus on finding actionable insight.

Contact Dunn Solutions Group to find out how a data lake will benefit your organization!

Amazon Machine Learning Services

With Big Data comes big challenges, including making sense of that much data and finding insights.  Dunn Solutions' AWS experts use the power of machine learning to mine through massive amounts of data to find patterns and trends with AWS Machine Learning services. 

Using AWS Machine Learning, Dunn Solutions' data scientists can make real-time predictions by finding patterns in your existing data and streaming data. 

Amazon Machine Learning has no upfront hardware or software cost and is highly scalable. With it, Dunn Solutions' data scientists and AWS experts can provide your business the ability to generate billions of predictions in real time and make smarter business decisions.

Contact Dunn Solutions to discuss AWS Machine Learning and how it can help your organization make smarter decisions with its Big Data.

Amazon Kinesis Streams Consulting

Amazon Kinesis Streams Consulting

A major Big Data challenge is dealing with streaming data.  Dunn Solutions' AWS experts will provide your organization with the solution to capture, process, and store terabytes of real-time data from different sources including clickstreams, social media, and location-tracking events with Amazon Kinesis Consulting services.

Dunn Solutions' AWS experts will also show you how to use AWS Kinesis to stream data into other Amazon services such as Amazon S3, EMR, Lambda, and Redshift to further the journey of data exploration and gaining actionable insight.

Contact Dunn Solutions Group and learn more about how AWS Kinesis can be used in your organization.

Amazon Lambda Consulting

Amazon Lambda Consulting

Processing streaming data or IoT data requires flexibility, scalability and high availability.  Using Amazon Lambda, Dunn Solutions 'AWS experts create event driven transformation and processing code that require no administration or servers with AWS Lambda.  AWS Lambda lets us upload and run code of all sizes and only pay for the computing power used. This is a go-to environment for dealing with streaming data that requires enrichment and processing in real time.  Dunn Solutions AWS experts will show you how to take advantage of continuous scaling, no servers to manage, and sub second metering to run code for any application or backend service.

Contact Dunn Solutions Group and learn more about how AWS Lambda can be used in your streaming data processing (and many other uses too!)

Amazon Redshift Consulting

Amazon Redshift Consulting

Not all of your data is semi-structured or unstructured. If your data warehouse is getting massively large, and your analytics are not getting the performance you need, Dunn Solutions' consultants can set you up with AWS Redshift.  AWS Redshift brings Big Data capability to structured data.  

Dunn Solutions' AWS consultants will take your on premise data warehouse and move it to AWS (in the cloud) in an environment that you can scale up or down, as needed.  Redshift scales linearly and grows as you grow, from a few terabytes to petabytes and you only pay for what you need.  

Don't let infrastructure, cost and complexity get in the way of your analytics; let Dunn Solutions migrate your analytics data warehouse to AWS Redshift.

Contact Dunn Solutions Group to learn how Amazon Redshift can handle your enterprise data warehouse.

Kinesis Firehouse Consulting

If you need to deliver streaming data to Amazon destinations (like S3 or Redshift) let Dunn Solutions' AWS experts set you up with AWS Kinesis Firehose. 

Dunn Solutions' Kinesis Firehose consultants will set up your real-time streaming solution. Load real time streaming data quickly and easily for use with machine learning, business intelligence tools, dashboards and data exploration tools. Amazon Kinesis Firehose minimizes storage and maximizes security through batch, compress, and encrypting the data before loading it.  It's a reliable and scalable solution for streaming data.

Contact Dunn Solutions to discuss your data streaming needs.

Amazon Athena Consulting

Amazon Athena Consulting

How do you query data from your S3 data lake?  Amazon Athena.  Dunn Solutions' AWS consultants can set you up and show you how to query your data lake using a language you already know; SQL. 

Athena is a serverless solution that works with your unstructured data and AWS Glue to provide your analysts, citizen data scientists and data scientist with access to data lake data.  You apply schema on consumption either manually or automatically.

Contact Dunn Solutions to learn how Athena can be used to query your data lake.

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