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First and foremost, the data warehouse is about the needs of the business.  The data warehouse must make your organization's information easy to access and analyze.  It must present this information consistently in order to be trusted.  And to ensure that it can support future needs, it must be adaptive to change.   These are not technical challenges and too often take a back seat to technology.  Technology will always change and bring improvements. Your data warehouse should be able to take advantage of these (and can, if done right).

Our opinion is that regardless of the technologies used to build a data warehouse, business goals are paramount. Your data warehouse is the foundation of your BI solution, and must effectively serve the business and the user community to be successful.

Our Business Intelligence experts can help your company design and implement the foundation necessary support your BI strategy and deliver the information your business  users rely on for data-informed decision making. Contact us today for your next project!