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Machine Learning

Dunn Solutions has taken the computational power of cloud computing and the expertise of our data scientists to develop powerful machine learning solutions.

Dunn Solutions' Machine Learning Consultants will help your organization increase revenue, maximize marketing campaign effectiveness, acquire new customers and retain existing customers through machine learning and data science. To effectively achieve these goals you need Machine Learning; the marriage of data science, computer science and statistics. Understanding that not everyone who is trying to sell to customers has access to these core competencies, Dunn Solutions offers our Machine Learning solutions.

Dunn Solutions' Machine Learning experts have many years of experience helping organizations across a wide range of industries to solve their most important challenges.  No matter the industry, our approach remains the same. 

After you provide us with your data, Dunn Solutions' Machine Learning consultants will go to work immediately to uncover insights and trends that you would never realize otherwise even existed. Dunn Solutions' Machine Learning consultants will provide you with the insights and information you need to make smarter business decisions and edge out your competition.

Machine Learning Improves Outcomes

Dunn Solutions' Machine Learning solutions deliver answers to business questions in the fastest possible way. You provide data and we deliver predictive insight. What's more, our services can be tightly integrated into your ecommerce and marketing systems or used in a batch mode.

Dunn Solutions' Machine Learning solutions include: customer analytics, marketing analytics, and product analytics. For example:

  • You need to maximize campaign ROI. Dunn Solutions' Marketing Mix Model Consulting will help you do that.

  • You need to acquire more new customers without spending more money, Dunn Solutions' Buy Propensity and Product Pricing Consulting will help you do that.

  • You need to increase your market basket size, Dunn Solutions' Product Cross-Sell Consulting will help you do that.

Dunn Solutions' Machine Learning solutions are completely automated and use your data to train and identify the best predictive models to deliver actionable insight. Effectively using our services puts a team of tireless and fast data scientists, data engineers and statisticians at your disposal!

If you require specialized machine learning solutions, we can deliver that as well!

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