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To achieve effective business analytics requires Velocity, and to achieve Velocity requires Dunn Solutions' Cloud Analytics Solutions. Dunn Solutions' cloud analytics experts will help you achieve velocity in Analytics using the right combination of cloud-based analytics solutions to ensure that you can gain actionable insight right away.

Our cloud analytics consultants work with organizations to create company-specific solutions that accommodate current organization infrastructures. This unique approach gives organizations the flexibility they need to meet their insight and data analytics goals.Whether those goals include Big Data, predictive analytics, or incorporating real-time streaming, our teams deliver the strategy and service needed to help meet those goals. This means no waiting; for hardware acquisition, for database setup, for reconfiguration, for scaling. 

Dunn Solutions' cloud analytics experts deliver the computing space your organization needs, the processing horse power needed to get analytics right away while only paying for what you use; now that's agile and cost effective! Our experts take care of the integration and development of the technologies as well as all of the management there after.

With our Cloud Analytics Solutions, we are able to deliver speed to market, jump-start large & complex projects for organizations, and streamline insightful business decisions so that companies may focus on profitability and business growth. Contact us and we will show you how Dunn Solutions' Cloud Analytics Solutions can take your analytics to the next level.

Cloud Analytics Solutions

Cloud Analytics Benefits

Cloud Analytics Benefits

Dunn Solutions Cloud Analytics Solutions deliver the ever present need of organizations –the access and visibility of data, enterprise wide. We build these custom solutions to accommodate:

  • On demand, powerful analytic tools
  • Support for any kind of data (structured, semi-structured or unstructured)
  • Work with massive, huge, or small data volumes
  • Agile environments that let you scale as you need (for high demand season, month end, ad-hoc analysis)

Platforms and Hybrid Deployments

Platforms and Hybrid Deployments

We understand that not all organizational data is in the cloud. In order to achieve a variety organizational goals, our solutions support hybrid environments. Our analytics consultants strategize, build, deploy, and support business analytics solutions that accommodate both on premise infrastructure and cloud. This allows organizations to take advantage of existing on premise EDW (or any other on-premise data) and combine its rich information with powerful, cloud-based modern tools.

Our hybrid model of cloud analytics solutions is designed to achieve the very best in today's analytics technologies and capabilities. That means using the best of both worlds if that's what organizations are using. With our hybrid analytic solutions, we get new and existing analytics projects up and running with the following features:

  • Low to no infrastructure and management efforts
  • Ramp up processing horse power and storage as you need
  • Combine on-premise and cloud-based solutions to get the best of both worlds
  • Secure, private and safe

Cost Effective & Scalable

As new organizational efforts try to tackle some of the advanced technology trends and capability with data – there is always a large barrier – and that's cost. In order to be able to leverage massive amounts of constantly incoming data, companies need speed and space more than ever. Traditional approaches to these problems just aren't effective for today's analytics projects. Our Cloud analytics solutions leverage cloud technology to deliver cost effective capability to take on data en masse. These cloud technology solutions deliver:

  • Scalable solution without hardware or infrastructure investment
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Annual commitments or monthly plans
  • Pay for what you use

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