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Our custom Content Management solutions deliver a custom-designed website and a flexible, easy-to-use infrastructure that does nearly every website-management task automatically.  Our content management solutions give you the ability to showcase your products/services, deliver your marketing messages, create two-way communication and generate customer leads.

Today's websites are more than a pretty electronic brochure. They provide valuable, timely information to potential customers, existing accounts, channel partners and vendors.  And it's critical that the information is up-to-date and easy to locate. Dunn Solutions Group works with you to create workflow-enabled content management systems that automate the creation, approval and delivery of information across the internet.

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CCM solutions from Dunn Solutions Group

CCM solutions from Dunn Solutions Group reduce the time required to build and deploy content-driven websites, and provide extremely high scalability, reliability and performance for those sites. Custom Content Management allows you to create, manage and publish your own content directly on the website using a browser-based interface.

With a flexible, workflow-based infrastructure, you gain the ability to:

  • Communicate products, services, marketing, press releases and partnerships on a timely basis
  • Target content to customers based on their preferences and desires
  • Maintain an integrated process for distributing information to product managers, sales managers, and marketing managers within your organization and your channel

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