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SharePoint for better Project Management

Swetha Chinnari
Posted 6/16/15

In this article today, I am going to explain how you can efficiently utilize SharePoint and MS Project and track the progress of your project more effectively.

All the project tasks and scheduling from MS Project can now be managed on SharePoint with just a click of a button. Let us get into more details of the process.

Assume a Project Manager or Lead has his project plan in MS Project. The MS Project plan looks like the one below:

He can now sync it with the SharePoint and Share it with other members of the Team. To sync the tasks to the Task list on the SharePoint, first make sure there is a SharePoint Custom List created for this Project.


If you do not already have a Custom List, follow the below steps. If you already have a custom list to sync with, skip this step.

On your SharePoint site goto Site Settings-> Site Contents-> Click ‘Add an app’ as shown below:



Click on ‘Custom List’, name the list and hit ‘Create’ as shown below:



Once you do this, the list will now appear on your Site Contents page.


Now that you have the SharePoint list ready, lets try syncing the MS Project to this list. To do that, goto File-> Save As on your MS Project and hit Sync with SharePoint List as shown below:


Enter the url of the SharePoint site in the ‘Site Address’ text box and ‘Verify Site’. You will see all the Task List from the site under the ‘Task List’ drop down. Select the list you want to sync to and hit ‘Save’.


Your tasks are now synced to the SharePoint List!


You can also view it in the ‘Gnatt Chart’ view, by simply selecting the option on the top of the list:


The team members can now view the project on SharePoint and update it as necessary, and the PM will be able to synchronize the updates with the sync button.



You now have a project plan that is synced with SharePoint for easy access and advanced management.

Please note: the MS Project version should be atleast 2010 version.

Hope you enjoy utilizing SharePoint as much as I do!