Expand your web application to mobile

Payas Tikotekar
Posted 1/11/17
Expand your web application to mobile We have crossed the tipping point. Today a majority of web page views come from mobile devices. The ease of access of cellphones and tablets coupled with the ubiquity of Wi-Fi and cellular network coverage, means that more and more users are spending time their time online on mobile devices. These users expect a good experience on their mobile...

Patient Engagement through Patient Portals

Christopher Freund
Posted 11/14/16
If you find yourself reading this blog, then you must be curious as to how patient portals are the most effective way of improving patient engagement and making healthcare an easy part of every patients life. Before we dive deeper into portals, let’s answer a simple question: “What is patient engagement?” Patient engagement can be summed up by providers and patients working together to...

Building Customer and Campaign Specific Microsites Using a Single Platform

Laura Jones
Posted 10/20/16
Just what is a microsite? A smaller, simpler website that is built to focus on a specific subject, product or campaign, microsites eliminate the clutter and distractions that come with a full website. Some companies use them to highlight a specific campaign or target specific buyer personas. Others have used them to tell a short story, or to inspire a specific call-to-action. A microsite...

The Power of Website Personalization in Healthcare

Vamsi Kosuru
Posted 8/25/16
In today’s digital age, companies have more information than ever about their customers. This information typically lives in different systems as it’s collected via different sources. But most organizations do not use the information they have been collecting to provide their customers with best possible experience when interacting with them online. Leveraging the information you have about...

5 Steps to Success in Mobile App Development

Randall Rockwell
Posted 8/23/16
5 Steps to Success in Mobile App Development So, you are building a mobile app. Unless you are a seasoned veteran of app development, you have probably already encountered challenges of both a technical and strategic nature that are different from those you would face in web or desktop application development. The reason is simple: the mobile app platform is different – far different than...

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