Top 4 Ways of Building a Successful Online Community

Payas Tikotekar
Posted 8/17/16
Online communities are hugely beneficial to all kinds of businesses because they create value for the members in the community. 86% of Fortune 500 companies report communities provide insight into customer needs. 80% of consumers say that authenticity of content will influence them to follow a brand. Building an online community is a very effective way to create a positive feedback...

You Know Your e-Commerce Website SEO is Bad if… it Doesn’t Include Social Meta Tags

Dirk Lester
Posted 7/7/16
Before I explain what social Meta Tags are, how they work or why your e-commerce website should have them, there’s something you should know. Research has shown that 78% of online consumers say their purchase decisions are influenced by what they’ve seen on social media. In other words, it should go without saying that if you’re an e-commerce shop owner, you should want your website to have...

Leveraging the Web for Better Customer Service

Christopher Freund
Posted 7/5/16
Leveraging the Web for Better Customer Service      While most companies are aware that customer service is important to maintain business, they might not fully understand the real cost of bad customer service. When it comes to customer service, people favor interacting with a real person in order to get solutions or provide feedback. This assures the customer that their...

You Know Your e-Commerce Website’ SEO is Bad if … it Doesn’t Include Rich Snippets

Dirk Lester
Posted 6/30/16
You’re responsible for an e-commerce website and that isn’t an easy job. You have sales to track, shipping options to communicate, and payment options to manage. And that’s all after customers have found their way to your site because you’ve designed and executed an at least partially effective search marketing or social media strategy. It’s actually difficult to say which is harder, building...

5 Ways Mobile Apps Enhance Your Customer’s Experience

Michael Smith
Posted 6/1/16
It’s no secret that smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices have become extremely popular in the last 5 years. In fact, they’ve become so prevalent that they’ve reshaped how we access the internet; recently even creating a new consumer demographic, the “mobile only” user. This demographic describes a user that does not access the internet on desktop or laptop devices, preferring to use...

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