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Information Security

Rohit Shinde
Posted 6/12/15
Information Security (InfoSec) is protecting information, which is mostly in the digital form, from unauthorized use, modification or destruction. In today’s world, organizations store a huge amount of confidential information and this information is transmitted from one entity to another via networks. During this transfer, the information is susceptible to hackers, who could potentially steal...

Liferay Portal 6.2 Staging

BS Kavya Rao
Posted 1/24/15
Intro: All the mess around publishing or changing the content of a live site without drawing the attention of site users can be avoided by using Staging. Staging basically allows you to clone your live site and publish the modifications or new updates. Liferay’s staging environment allows you to make changes to your site in a specialized  staging area . When you’re finished, you...

Liferay Portal 6.2: Exciting New Features

BS Kavya Rao
Posted 1/14/15
Intro: Liferay's latest release, Liferay 6.2, offers  significant UI enhancements,  provides a stunning new skin, and addresses many of the bugs and issues from the previous versions.  In this post we'll explore a few of the enhancement highlights in 6.2.  Mobile Devices: The majority of web visitors are now on mobile devices, and mobile friendly, responsive...

Liferay Audience Targeting

Iat Ieong
Posted 1/2/15
Introduction Audience targeting is a marketing strategy at which a particular product or message is targeted to a particular group of audience. This strategy improves marketing effectiveness as the target audience will only see information that is most relevant to them. In Liferay, you can probably target your audience by carefully granting view permission to content or pages....

SharePoint 2013 Custom Web Part Farm Solution

Swetha Chinnari
Posted 12/19/14
It 's frustrating to be navigating back and forth between the many business applications we use on a daily basis.  In SharePoint 2013, a custom web part farm solution can be built for access to multiple applications in one place- a great convenience for users.  I'll explain the process to build this and provide you with an introduction to creating a Custom multi-email web part that...