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Our practice leaders and consultants are out in the business world helping companies improve their processes, relationships and outcomes with today's leading technologies.  We are committed to helping our customer community remain up-to-date by sharing our knowledge and best practices via regular webcasts and publications.  We invite you to browse through our library for topics of interest. A registration will be requested to view many items- you will only need to provide your information once for access to all content.

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Retail Analytics Technology Advancements

The retail landscape is changing rapidly and for the better! Advanced digital technologies, new selling channels, and increasingly demanding consumers all challenge retailers to find new ways of remaining relevant and competitive. Although the brick and mortar store will continue to play a central role in the retail experience, the upper hand will belong to retailers that can blend their online and in-store experiences - making it simpler for customers to find what they want and sellers to...

SAP BusinessObjects Edge Planning and Consolidation

Discover the benefits of using SAP BusinessObjects Edge Planning and Consolidation to streamline planning and reduce business risks. Designed for midsize companies, this application provides an integrated planning, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation solution that is user focused and process centric.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

Get an overview of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, software that brings together the simplicity and speed of search capabilities with the trust and analytical power of business intelligence, giving you immediate answers to your business questions.

SAP Sybase IQ Solution Brief

A Look at Efficient and Effective Delivery of Key Information for Today’s Decision Makers.

Why Midsize Companies Need Business Intelligence Solutions

In today's economy, executives face declining revenues and tough cost-cutting decisions. However, cost reductions alone are not enough to survive in this market, especially for midsize companies, which typically lack the expansive resources needed to sustain a market downturn, yet have the ability to be much more agile with the right information. Midsize organizations require clear visibility into operations and processes, so they can quickly capitalize on what works well, rapidly identify...