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Our practice leaders and consultants are out in the business world helping companies improve their processes, relationships and outcomes with today's leading technologies.  We are committed to helping our customer community remain up-to-date by sharing our knowledge and best practices via regular webcasts and publications.  We invite you to browse through our library for topics of interest. A registration will be requested to view many items- you will only need to provide your information once for access to all content.

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SAP Marketing and Commerce: The Complete E-Commerce Solution

In order to deliver a complete e-commerce solution, you need a marketing automation platform that enables you to send to your customers highly personalized communications and promotions that drive them to your site. By leveraging an intuitive, properly set up marketing automation platform that integrates with your e-commerce site you will give your customers a better customer experience and optimize your ROI.

SAP Marketing Cloud is one of the most robust and highly customizable options on the market today. In this video, you will learn:

• The importance of Marketing Automation for both B2C and B2B commerce in today's frictionless market.

• How you can fully customize a prospect's experience utilizing SAP Marketing Cloud's scoring builder and dynamic segmentation.

• To quickly create customized content for landing pages & e-mails.

• How to dynamically move people in and out of drip campaigns based on interactions/scores.

How to Gain Business Insight with SAP Analytics Cloud

Slicing and dicing through data in Excel or your favorite "cool" visualization tool is a popular way of getting descriptive analytics. But it's really just digging through data to get a sense of what happened in the past. We're not saying it does not have value, we're saying it does not provide real insight.

In this presentation, we will show you how to take you from descriptive analytics to more insightful business analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud. SAP Analytics Cloud goes well beyond most BI tools by including machine learning to provide deeper insight. In this webinar, we will show you how to get more business insight with SAP Analytics Cloud using:

• Smart Insights

• Smart Discovery

• Search to Insight

So, let Dunn Solutions show you how you can maximize your data to get business insight!

B2B E-Commerce is not Online Ordering

Providing your clients with a completely engaging and relevant digital experience is one of the best benefits of E-Commerce. This doesn't come with simple online ordering. Experts from Liferay and Dunn Solutions discuss the differences between online ordering and providing buyers with an immersive experience with your company.

My Intelligent Robot Friend: SAP Analytics Cloud

For most people, meaningful analysis of data is limited to slicing and dicing or drilling through with BI tools or Excel spreadsheets. This kind of works and the cleverer the analyst is, the more insight that might be gained. Regardless, it's difficult and cumbersome. More time is spent wrangling the data than analyzing the data and unless you love math or have a degree in statistics or data science you are just scratching the insight-surface.

Jose Hernandez, Director of Analytics is cranking up your data insight ability to the next level by introducing you to his intelligent robot friend – SAP Analytics Cloud. SAP Analytics Cloud goes well beyond most BI tools by including machine learning powered features to provide deeper insight.

In this webinar, he will introduce you to SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • Smart Insights
  • Smart Discovery
  • Search to Insight

Ok, it's not really a robot, but it does make you feel like you have a data robot.

Using Social Media Ambassadors to Drive E-Commerce Sales

Today's shoppers do not always follow a straight path to purchase. Along the way they are gathering information and using the internet to guide their buying process. Dunn Solutions partnered with TVPage discuss the influences affecting online buyers and more importantly how the use of video, social media and your best employees can supercharge sales and impact the consumer at each stage of their buying journey.

Patient Engagement Portal Demonstration

Our portal drives and builds patient engagement by providing a seamless, branded, and customized experience for patients on both traditional desktop and mobile devices. Leveraging the power of the Patient Engagement Platform can help hospitals meet measures relating to the Meaningful Use stages, optimize relationships with clients, and improve patient outcomes as well as offer convenient avenues for provider-patient communications.

Portal features can include:

- Single Sign-On (SSO) to multiple EMR and Lab Systems

- eVisit / remote telemedicine integration with online payment

- Core Interaction Features

- View test results from multiple lab systems in a single view

- Schedule appointments through a unified calendar

- View and track health-related information including Medical Issues, Allergies and Current Medications

- Download and Complete Medical Forms

- Check Insurance Benefits and Coverage

- View Bills and Make Payments

- Preventive Care Portal

- Provide targeted information to patients based on patient-specific conditions

- Patient Education with Targeted Content

- Drug Side-Effect Tracking portal

Contact Dunn Solutions today to see how we can help your healthcare organization reach its goals for patient health and engagement by emailing us at info@dunnsolutions.com.

Learn The Marketer-Friendly Liferay CMS Capability

For today's marketers, it is crucial to have full control of website content and changes without having to reach out to IT for changes and edits. Liferay Portal Technology gives marketers this crucial functionality with their CMS features.

In this demo we will show how with Liferay CMS, marketers can:

  • Add/edit content and images to a homepage carousel
  • Create a new landing page for the website
  • Create new content for that landing page
  • Set up and publish the landing page
  • Schedule content for future use

Focus on Growing Your E-commerce Business, Not Managing Sales Tax

Whether you have an established e-commerce store or are building your first online business, sales tax in various cities and states can be a daunting hurdle to get over AND get right.

Focusing on your e-commerce business should stay at the forefront of your day to day goals. Leveraging powerful tools to handle the complexity of sales tax is crucial for successful and compliant e-commerce businesses.

Avalara AvaTax adds market-leading technology to your existing e-commerce software, saving you time, and providing a seamless online shopping experience for your customers.

Join our webinar to learn how Dunn Solutions and Avalara can provide:

- Real-time calculations for rates and taxability.

- Roof-top level accuracy using geospatial technology.

 Simple integration with your current e-commerce tools and software.

- And more!

Increase Sales & Engagement with the Virtuous Cycle of E-commerce

According to Forrester By 2020, 80% of the buying process is expected to occur without any direct human-to-human interaction. This means companies that don't learn how to optimize the digital buyer's journey with all the data and tools available will be obsolete.

In this webinar, we examine every step of the buyer journey and cover how to effectively apply both Speed and Direction with advanced analytics, marketing automation, and e-commerce.

We will discuss:

- Each of the major customer journey milestones

- Current challenges in each of those stages

- Leveraging 3 legs of the virtuous cycle to optimize each step

Increasing Lifetime Value with Predictive Analytics, Part 1 Customer Acquisition

There is access to more data for marketers to make educated business decisions than ever before – BUT are you actually leveraging all of that data to increase company revenue through understanding your Customer Lifetime Value?

Customer Lifetime Value is determined at each stage of the customer lifetime cycle – acquisition, retention, loyalty, and advocacy. Each stage presents unique opportunities and challenges that determine how successful a corporation will be in the short and long run.

In this first episode of our four-part webinar series, we will introduce you to the customer cycle and demonstrate how a company can be more effective in the first stage, the acquisition stage, using Predictive Analytics.

In this webinar you will discover:

-How to leverage Predictive Analytics for real-world marketing campaigns

-How to effectively determine customer propensity to buy

-How to determine real-world results of using Predictive analytics to optimize Customer Lifetime Value

How to take Patient & Family Engagement to the Next Level with a Patient Portal

Patient portals are an innovative way to combine all necessary parts of a successful care network.

Often time's patients in extended care facilities can have family far from where they are. Are you helping the patient experience by facilitating family communication? Can families access the business data such as contracts as well as well as their family member's health information quickly and easily? Or are you even sure you're giving your patients and their families the community and networks they need to collaborate and discuss the tough topics that come with extended care?

Delivering a unified view of a patient & family communication platform, business & transactional information, as well as a marketing site, can streamline the unique processes facilities like yours have to offer.
Join our webinar and learn what a custom Patient Portal can offer your organization, including:

Collaborative view of patient records for authorized family members

Built-in two-way video conferencing for better patient care and family connection

Patient/Family community forums to allow them to connect with other in the facilities community

Account management with contracts, billing, scheduling and FAQ for patients &their family

Branded informational site to allow people to find exactly the information they need about the services you offer

Empower Sales & Marketing teams with B2B E-commerce

As you know, B2B e-commerce can be far more complex than B2C, and globally it is now twice the size of B2C e-commerce...is your organization taking advantage of this massive market growth? Give your sales and marketing teams the tools they need to complete complex e-commerce tasks quickly and easily so they may focus on building the bottom line.
With SAP Hybris B2B E-commerce, companies can effectively:

- Reduce sales administration costs by providing automated quote management

- Reduce sales administration costs by providing automated quote management

- Increase average order size by proactively targeting products and promotions with Content Management SmartEdit

- Support complex, multidimensional products, and bulk ordering quickly with advanced product content management

- Increase conversion rates with enhanced personalization features

In this webinar, we will discuss how to accomplish these goals with the newest advancements in SAP Hybris B2B E-commerce platform. 

Hybrid Solution - SAP Analytics Cloud & BusinessObjects On-Premise

Do you want to move your BI to the cloud but something is holding you back? Are you hesitant to switch from your on-premise solution to a cloud based solution? You're not alone. But taking advantage of the cloud is not an all-or-nothing proposition. SAP Analytics Cloud lets you start using the cloud while continuing to leverage your current on-premise solution. An SAP Analytics Cloud hybrid solution gives you the best of both worlds: the flexibility and scalability of the cloud along with the maturity and investment in your on-premise solution.

The SAP Analytics Cloud lets business users create visualizations and derive insight without the need for deep technical skills. The Digital Boardroom feature of the SAP Analytics Cloud allows management to get interactive insight on KPIs, drill into detail, and get to the bottom of issues.

Come see the best of SAP Analytics Cloud and the integration with on-premise business intelligence: 

- Learn the benefits of using a hybrid approach that combines cloud and on-premise BI solutions

- Learn about the capabilities of an all-in-one cloud solution Join Dunn Solutions and learn how an SAP Analytics Cloud hybrid solution can be a game changer in your organization.

Driving Advanced Marketing with Predictive Analytics

Marketers need data to successfully execute marketing initiatives. Luckily, having enough data is no longer an issue. Organizations have more data than ever before, and given the latest trends, have more data than they may be able to handle! Effectively using all this information makes the difference between "getting the same results as before" or "crushing past performance". Leveraging modern Predictive Analytics technology will ensure the latter.

In this webinar we will demonstrate how a marketer (not a data scientist) can use SAP's Predictive Analytics to maximize the effectiveness of their campaign. We will follow the approaches of three marketers in a hypothetical company called Acme Lawn Services and see who made the most of the information available to them!

In this webinar you will discover how:

- How marketers can leverage the masses of data gathered from all sources

- Predictive Analytics can triple company profit

- Marketers are able to employ advanced predictive analytics without the need of a data scientist

Are you achieving an optimal Liferay digital experience?

To survive in the digital eco-system with competitors today it is crucial to have a great digital experience on your Liferay portal. After all of the time and energy of creating a beautiful and streamlined portal – how do KNOW that your consumers are actually having the experience you tried to create? Are page load speeds satisfactory? Are there page errors? Having trouble in mobile view? In most cases, if your consumers aren't able to have a successful experience on your site they will leave in silence and not come back…but even worse, they can leave poor reviews and feedback that certainly travels.

The new Liferay digital experience isn't all about the pages created and the content delivered – it's about the entire journey through the site from start to finish. With Dynatrace's Application Performance Monitoring capability, you are now able to have a singular view of all portal activity including that of third party vendors - to make sure you are delivering the optimal digital experience.

In this webinar we will discuss:

- How to monitor and track your customer journey and to provide insights in real time

- Understand customer experiences, conversion rates and problems that affect brand value across digital channels

- How immediately isolating performance problems to the correct layer by tracking user visits across back-end tiers