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The Data Warehouse and Data Lake, a Match Made in Heaven (I mean cloud)…

Jose Hernandez
Posted 2/6/20
I often hear (and read about) discussions around the implementation of a data lake to replace a data warehouse , or deciding on a data lake or a data warehouse?  It’s not an either-or question.  Data lakes and data warehouses serve similar purposes but for different situations and must also work together to support modern BI and analytics needs.  Before I tackle “how data...

Make Additional Margin by Selling More to Customers

Brian Griffin
Posted 7/17/19
Acquiring a solid customer base represents a big step towards developing a sustainable and successful business.  If you’re not careful, this can give you a false sense of security that results in complacency. From developing a management structure to boosting your marketing campaigns, there are many issues that need to be tackled as your business grows. With these challenges...

Dunn Solutions' Analytics as a Service

Jose Hernandez
Posted 3/4/19
Probably the most important change that has occurred in the last few years is how ubiquitous it is to pay for what we consume (or use), for what we need at the time we need it.  From car rides, to dog walking to TV watching, it’s a trend that continues to gain traction.  This trend started with cloud computing and the ability to pay for what we use in terms of infrastructure (IaaS),...

How Do I Target Promotions to My Customer Segments?

Brian Griffin
Posted 2/15/19
When you have a wide consumer base it is difficult to determine the optimal way to market to it. One blanket advertisement will never be as effective when you have customers with differing demographics. However, if you are able to properly identify the needs of different customer segments through customer and market segmentation , you can develop more personalized...

Why You Should Outsource Your Machine Learning Needs?

Francesco Sguanci
Posted 1/11/19
Machine learning , when implemented well, has proven to be extremely effective at helping companies maintain a competitive advantage. Sounds like gibberish on a commercial, right? Agreed. Let’s restate that. The clients that I have worked with in the past 7 years that have leveraged machine learning have increased their profitability between 33% and 265%. I hope...