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At Dunn Solutions we have been in the Analytics world for 25 years, in that time we have found that users of Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, or JD Edwards users often have a difficult time with operational reporting because the database structure is so complex that even today's most sophisticated BI tools can't easily access it. Users must rely on IT for the reports they need to analyze their business- and those reports take time for IT to produce.

Also, it's difficult to integrate information from the ERP with information from other data sources into a combined, single view of the enterprise. Many business users in this situation work using with "spreadmarts"- spreadsheets of combined data from various sources used for analysis.

Our experts believe data warehouses are the solution. However, traditional data warehouse projects that organize ERP data for easier reporting are complex, lengthy, and costly. MagnitudeData's EDW is an innovative data warehouse solution that works with any BI platform (SAP, Cognos, MSS, etc.), and offers the fastest implementation in the industry; is scalable; and cost-effective – with a fixed cost to deploy.

Our MagnitudeData Solutions enable business users across the enterprise to access all the data they need through self-service BI tools, without having to rely on IT for every request. It automatically extracts and rationalizes 100% of your transaction data from ERP and non-ERP sources, transforms it into easily understandable formats, and stores it in a unified data model that's updated in real time. It delivers a single view of your business to your browser, your mobile devices, your partners and your customers.