Managed Cloud Services Managed Cloud Services

What are managed services?

  • Determining what tools and services your application needs to run successfully and provide on-going support for those tools and services
  • Managing and maintaining strong operations for your online cloud platforms so that you can meet your business goals
  • Preventing costly system failures and errors before they occur


Why are managed services important for your business?

  • Identify potential system threats before they happen and minimize downtime
  • Monitor your systems at any hour of the day
  • Stay up to date on the latest cloud technologies
  • Leverage market expertise in cloud computing
  • Improve performance of your technology

What do we offer at Dunn?

  • Cloud assessment and planning
  • Cloud migration and deployments
  • Cloud operations management
  • Application Performance Management

Managed Cloud Service Offerings

Cloud Assessment and Planning

At Dunn Solutions, we will work together to understand your company's infrastructure, technical requirements and business goals. As an Azure and AWS partner, we can provide recommendations and an actionable plan to move the right technologies into the cloud and barriers to adoption. We'll perform an in-depth assessment to determine what cloud adoption strategy is the most secure and can deliver the highest performance for your technology. Then, we will outline the technical architecture and validate that the proposed solution will bring the maximum value to your organization.

Cloud Migration and Deployments

To ensure the successful migration of your on premise solutions to the cloud, Dunn Solutions will migrate your infrastructure based on a thorough migration strategy suited to your technologies and business needs. We have experience in multiple migration strategies including re-hosting, re-platforming, and refactoring that have shifted businesses to better cloud-based solutions. As we execute the deployment, we take into account performance benchmarks, infrastructure quantities and sizing to ensure the appropriate resources are leveraged.

Cloud Operations Management

No matter the complexity of your cloud architecture, Dunn Solutions wants to ensure your technology can effectively adapt as your business continues to grow and change. Dunn Solutions can manage your continuous integration and release process, create proficient backups and restore actions, as well as provision your servers. Additionally, we'll work to increase the efficiency of your architecture by automating and streamlining all processes related to your cloud operations and development efforts.

Application Performance Management and Monitoring

We leverage the top Application Performance Management (APM) tools in the industry to help monitor your servers and technology and catch potential issues with the technology or customer transactions before they happen. With APM, not only will your business be proactive in identifying system threats but it will allow for constant monitoring metrics in real-time, giving your company the ability to focus on its business goals. As an Azure, AWS, and Dynatrace partner, the self-learning tools we use provide operational insight including full stack monitoring from front-end to back-end, to infrastructure, to the cloud.

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