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Dunn Solutions Group is an information technology consulting firm with exceptional strategic experience, design skills and technologic expertise. Focused on the business intelligence, application development and web/portal spaces, we deliver services through offices in Chicago, Minneapolis, Raleigh, and Bangalore, India.

Dunn Solutions Wins Liferay Community Excellence Award

October 21, 2013

Dunn Solutions was awarded the Liferay Community Excellence award at the 2013 Liferay North America Symposium in San Francisco. The Liferay Community Excellence Award is awarded to Liferay Services Partners for their achievements in the Liferay open source community, based on employee participation on forums, blogs, bug reporting, idea generation, app publications, translations, documentation enhancements, user group participation, and other community criteria unrelated to revenue or financials.

William Dunn accepts Community Excellence Award from Liferay CEO Bryan Cheung

2012 Technology Year in Review

December 21, 2012

2012 Technology Recap     Case Studies     Exciting New Products     Training Updates

2012 Technology Recap

The past year demonstrated that nothing in IT stays the same. Did you know the first iPad was released in 2010? It seems that the concept of tablets went from idea to "everybody has one" in less than 24 months. Most of our clients have already embraced the tablet for their sales teams or have plans to do so. By extension, smartphones (iPhone and Android cousins) are now positioned to be the most common phone type, eventually ending up the dominant phone platform. The bottom line: mobile and tablets represent the next wave of deploying and using software for our increasingly mobile users.

Dunn Solutions Group has jumped into the mobile space, recently launching its own mobile survey platform ( as well as engaging with several customers on new projects which will deploy on iOS and Android devices. We look forward to also adding Microsoft Windows 8 platform projects as well. Our Business Intelligence partners, including SAP, have beefed up their offerings to leverage mobile as the point of delivery as well.

The key to the success of enterprise mobile apps is what they connect to. We have been increasingly leveraging the technology of our portal partner, Liferay, to build the back end and content integration for our mobile applications. Liferay is an open source portal technology based on the Java platform and Dunn Solutions became a Liferay partner over three years ago. In the past our clients were thinking primarily of web browsers on desktops for portal projects, but the new reality of mobile has meant that our portals need to function on small and big screens. Liferay's new features include the ability to automatically resize the display and the styling of the page based on the size of the viewing device. It's a neat trick and many of the best web sites take advantage of the ability to always present the correct view to their audience.

On the Business Intelligence front, SAP has been heavily promoting its new in-memory database engine, HANA. After reviewing the technical architecture of the product in-depth, I can tell you that it is a radically different design than today's disk-based database technologies. SAP has designed this from the ground up to work "in-memory". Contrary to popular belief they did not take the Sybase engine and just drop it in-memory. HANA is designed to take advantage of the fact that everything is on the silicon and there is no need to go to disk. The increase in speed and capability is truly a game changer for anyone who will be doing analytics. SAP's goal is to have the HANA engine operate as both an operational database and a data warehouse repository - significantly reducing the need for disk space, additional hardware, or ETL. The vision is pretty radical, but SAP has been successful in selling over 500 customers on HANA - so it is gaining traction.

The new version of SAP's BI Suite (formerly BusinessObjects) is firmly in customers' hands and SAP's Visual Intelligence product is clearly a response to QlikView. I predict a Visual Intelligence plus HANA bundle in the near future, which again would be a game changer.

Finally, you can't read an article today without seeing the term "Big Data". Big Data means different things to different people, but in addition to the big guys in the database world - Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, there are some very interesting smaller players, like MongoDB who we have been reviewing. MongoDB is based on some of the same technology that powers Yahoo and Google. It's designed for very, very, very large sets of data which is distributed across server farms of PC verses running on a single large server; very scalable. The combination of MongoDB and hosting vendors like Amazon (which also provides its own version) means that it is possible for both large enterprises and startups to spin up data stores that are much larger than ever before. Dunn Solutions is going to focus on the next step: mining those data sources to create real value.

Have a happy new year!

Bill Dunn
Bill Dunn

The Dunn Solutions Consulting Teams had the pleasure of helping many companies solve their business problems through creative and economic solutions that featured various market leading technologies. See below for a few 2012 highlights.

Application Development


Business Intelligence


Exciting New Products

Audience Opinion is an affordable, easy-to-use, web-based tool that helps meeting planners make their events more interactive and engaging using mobile survey technology. Attendees view and answer pre-configured survey questions with a free mobile application they download on their Apple, Windows or Android device. Learn more »

Designed for retail eye care practices, Optical Shop Performance Dashboard is a web-based reporting solution that integrates and consolidates data from your enterprise Electronic Health Records (EHR) & Practice Management solution, and delivers your key performance indicators (KPIs) to your desktop using dynamic visualizations. Learn more »

Legal Dashboard, designed for internal legal organizations that use a matter management system, is a web-based dashboard solution that integrates and consolidates data from your systems, and delivers your key performance indicators (KPIs) to your desktop using dynamic visualizations. Learn more »


Training Updates

In 2012 we introduced Telepresence Training, allowing students to attend a participating class in any of our training locations. Utilizing state-of-the-art video conferencing technology, the class is delivered live by an instructor in a Dunn training facility and students can participate via any Dunn training location.

Please click here for our full training course schedule.

New App for Meetings Captures Audience Feedback with Real-Time Surveys

December 04, 2012

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 07, 2012

Audience Opinion, a new mobile app, is now available and enables live participation in events with the use of audience members' personal smartphones. Audience Opinion is an easy-to-use live polling tool that helps meeting and classroom leaders create more interactive and engaging events using mobile survey technology.

Launched by Dunn Solutions Group, Audience Opinion enables participants to view and answer pre-configured survey questions using a free mobile app they download on their Apple, Windows or Android device. Presenters share real-time survey results displayed using a variety of colorful graphs and charts. The application is integrated with social media technology so that participants can choose to share their participation on Twitter and Facebook.

"The business and academic worlds are changing; interactive elements are the new standard for meetings and classrooms," said Bill Dunn, President of Dunn Solutions Group. "Audience Opinion converts passive audience members into active participants, resulting in more engaging and successful presentations. And nearly everyone has a smart phone these days so enabling our technology is easy."

Bill Dunn added, "Event planners and their customers will find the app particularly interesting in the current social media environment. The ability to have an entire audience broadcast their opinions, linked to a Twitter hashtag or Facebook account, creates the opportunity to multiply the impact of an event beyond those attending."

The service is free for up to ten attendees and features a charge per event scale to accommodate up to five hundred attendees. Educational pricing is available for accredited post secondary educational institutions.

Meeting planners and educators interested in learning more about Audience Opinion's mobile live survey technology are invited to sign up for free.

Dunn Solutions Group Acquires RZ Solutions Business Intelligence Practice and Training Centers

January 30, 2012

Dunn Solutions Group has acquired the RZ Solutions business intelligence practice based in Minneapolis, MN. Dunn Solutions Group will also take over operation of the Authorized SAP BusinessObjects training centers in Minneapolis and St. Louis, MO.

"We are very excited about having the RZ Solutions team joining Dunn Solutions Group" said William Dunn, President of Dunn Solutions Group. "They have a great reputation for providing training and services around the SAP BusinessObjects toolset. They will be a great addition to our capabilities in Minneapolis".

The Minneapolis and St. Louis Training Centers join the Dunn Solutions Raleigh, NC training center as Authorized providers of classroom style SAP BusinessObjects training.

Dunn Solutions Group Launches BO Navigator Reporting App for SAP BusinessObjects

August 09, 2011

BO Navigator is a Dunn Solutions Group product that delivers SAP BusinessObjects web intelligence (webI) reports to your Android device.

BO Navigator Reporting App for SAP BusinessObjects

  • Browse reports in your BusinessObjects folders 
  • Select your preferred reporting format (PDF, WebI, Excel)
  • Report immediately delivered to your preferred email


Login with Enterprise, Windows AD or LDAP. Company server must be webservice enabled with SSL encryption. Tool works with SAP BusinessObjects XI3.x/XI4.0

How to set up SSL for your Business Objects Server (Tomcat)

Dunn Solutions Group Welcomes New Partners to SAP Extended Business Program

January 26, 2011

The SAP Extended Business program allows organizations that regularly recommend, implement, or develop solutions to benefit from a closer relationship with an SAP partner - such as Dunn Solutions Group - and become more closely aligned with SAP.

We welcome Mikan Associates, Innovent Solutions, Pro-Ture and Arias Consulting to the Dunn Solutions SAP EMB Program.

To learn more about the Dunn Solutions Group SAP Extended Business Program, please contact us at 847-673-0900.