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Designed a new logo and packaging and developed an e-Commerce website for a Chicago-Land based online retailer.

e-Commerce Development and Brand Redesign

Solution: Application Development, E-Commerce, E-Commerce and Content Managed Websites

Industry: Retail & Distribution


Project: e-Commerce Development and Brand Redesign

Client: Eco-Cigs

Eco-Cigs, headquartered in Northbook, IL, sells electronic cigarette products through its website and select retail locations.  Eco Cigs utilized Dunn Solutions Group with its product launch for branding, and to design and build its ecommerce site.


The site had to successfully accommodate visitors with varying levels of familiarity with electronic cigarette products. Some visitors may be new to the convenience of electronic cigarettes so easy-to-access product information was critical; others may be considering electronic cigarettes for financial reasons so that information also had to be front and center. Designers introduced an eye catching list of product benefits and a savings calculator on the homepage.


The Dunn Solutions Group graphics team first worked with the Eco-Cigs team to develop a compelling name with logo concepts and design attractive packaging. Next the teams designed and developed the ecommerce website aimed at delivering an informative and efficient shopping experience with high conversion rates.

Eco-Cigs chose an ecommerce solution with several out-of-the-box features including shopping cart and check-out functionality. However, customizations were needed to provide shoppers with a streamlined shopping experience, and to provide management with important sales reports.


Improvements to the ecommerce product's front-end included aesthetic improvements to the user interface (UI) and a streamlined check-out process.  The customized check out process features intuitive, easy to follow steps to ensure successful check out and included a customized customer order notification email.  Back end improvements included upgrades to the reporting the product offered out of the box; improved reporting now provides management with better sales information such as product options and variants.  The Dunn Team also helped with integration to shipping software that allows the company to print shipping labels directly from the Eco Cigs website to expedite shipping to customers.  The Dunn Solutions Group graphics team later helped design trade show materials and web banners for online advertising.

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