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(HY500e) SAP Hybris Commerce End User Online (eLearning)
Code: HY500e v5.7
Type: null
Tuition (USD): $187
Length: 30 Days
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Location Date Guaranteed to Run
eLearning, US 02/01/2019

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Skills Gained:
1) This end-user training will enable your team to perform tasks in SAP Hybris Commerce backoffice applications with standard functionality: from creating new products, editing product attributes, creating new website pages and banners to managing search and facets, creating promotions, vouchers and personalized views for customer segments. Customer service workflows will also be discussed. 2) The course focuses on interactivity and hands-on exercises. Participants will have access to limited simulations of a vanilla SAP Hhybris Commerce system (in the Tryouts). 3) The course consists of 11 modules, as described below.
Who Should Attend?
End users of hybris Cockpits / backoffice UIs (Product Cockpit, WCMS Cockpit, CS Cockpit, etc.)
  • Essential: None
What You Will Learn:
  • 1) Module 1 – Introduction to Cockpits
  • a) Learning Objectives, scope, agenda
  • b) Brief overview of Cockpits
  • c) Exploring a storefront
  • 2) Module 2 – Product Cockpit (demos and virtual tryouts)
  • a) Understanding product hierarchies and product modeling
  • b) Adding, modifying and approving products and product information (description, media, etc.)
  • c) Searching for products
  • d) Categorization and Classification
  • e) Bulk editing, exporting products
  • f) Collaboration (workflows and queries)
  • 3) Module 3 – Customer Services Cockpit (demos and virtual tryouts)
  • a) Understanding customer service capabilities
  • b) Adding and modifying a customer account
  • c) Taking a customer call and placing an order
  • d) Accessing a customer cart
  • e) Cancelling or refunding and order
  • f) Creating a ticket against an order
  • g) Assisted Service Module (if implemented)
  • 4) Module 4 – WCMS Cockpit (demos and virtual tryouts)
  • a) Understanding site management and available page templates
  • b) Adding, modifying and approving web content ( pages and components)
  • c) Searching for content
  • d) Personalization and Segmentation
  • e) Navigation
  • f) Live Editing
  • 5) Module 5 – Search in the hMC (demos and virtual tryouts)
  • a) Understanding what is available in other UIs
  • b) Creating and applying new vouchers for certain products and categories
  • c) Creating new promotions for products and categories and defining "firing rules"
  • d) Customizing search and facets (key word redirects, synonyms, stop words, hero products, boost rules)
  • 6) Module 6 – Vouchers & Promotions
  • a) Understanding vouchers & promotions
  • b) Serial vouchers
  • c) Orbital vouchers
  • d) Product based promotions
  • e) Order based promotions
  • 7) Module 7 – Order Management
  • a) Order Management in the SAP Hybris Commerce Suite
  • b) Order fulfillment and fraud detection
  • 8) Module 8 – User Management
  • a) Role based User Management
  • b) Access rights and restrictions
  • 9) Module 9 – Import Cockpit
  • a) What is the Import Cockpit
  • b) Using the Import Cockpit
  • 10) Module 10 – Report Cockpit
  • a) Features and Benefits of the Report Cockpit
  • b) Default Reports shipped out of the box
  • 11) Module 11 – Backoffice
  • a) An Overview of the Backoffice – the future UI for the SAP Hybris Commerce Suite
  • b) Commerce Search and Hero Products
  • c) Vouchers and Promotions
  • Notes
  • • Please note the technical equipment requirements for training delegates on this course via this link.
Course Info:
Courses based on software release: hybris 5.7; Java version 8

Course length: E-Learning 210 minutes

Notes and announcements:

1. This course is targeted at End Users of the SAP Hybris Commerce Suite and teaches them to perform tasks in the Cockpits that are shipped with the Commerce Suite. The course provides a high level overview of the concepts of the Commerce Suite while focusing on video demonstrations and virtual hands-on exercises that will help your team improve their skills and ability to navigate the UIs. The course is based on SAP Hybris Commerce Suite 5.7

2. Please note the technical equipment requirements for training delegates on this course via this link.

3. This course is available free with the purchase of the Learning Hub subscription

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