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(HUBB01) Stay Current Learning Offering
Code: HUBB01 v11
Type: null
Tuition (USD): $3183
Length: 365 Days
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Location Date Guaranteed to Run
eLearning, US 05/26/2020
eLearning, US 05/27/2020
eLearning, US 05/28/2020
eLearning, US 06/01/2020
eLearning, US 06/02/2020
eLearning, US 06/03/2020
eLearning, US 06/04/2020
eLearning, US 06/05/2020
eLearning, US 06/06/2020
eLearning, US 06/07/2020
eLearning, US 06/08/2020
eLearning, US 06/09/2020
eLearning, US 06/10/2020
eLearning, US 06/11/2020
eLearning, US 06/12/2020
eLearning, US 06/13/2020
eLearning, US 06/14/2020
eLearning, US 06/15/2020
eLearning, US 06/16/2020
eLearning, US 06/17/2020
eLearning, US 06/18/2020
eLearning, US 06/19/2020

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Who Should Attend?
SAP Consultants, Customer COE and IT members, SAP Administrators, SAP Super Users, SAP Project Team members, Individual SAP Professionals
  • None
What You Will Learn:
  • 1 subscription to SAP Learning Hub, professional edition, public cloud version (HUB030)
  • 1 subscription to SAP Live Access with one contingent for all available categories (HUB32b - bundle version of HUB320)
  • 1 subscription to SAP Certification in the Cloud (CER006)
  • For more details on the included components please see descriptions of the respective subscriptions for SAP Learning Hub, professional edition, public cloud version (HUB030), SAP Live Access (HUB320), SAP Certification in the Cloud (CER006)
  • SAP Live Access (HUB32b - bundle version of HUB320) can be started within 365 days after booking for a consumption time of 20 hours to be consumed in 30 calendar days.
Course Info:
Course based on software release: All available SAP software releases

Free unlimited online access to SAP Education‘s content for the purchase of a 12 months subscription period

You get unlimited access to SAP Education content, always up to date and available anytime, anywhere

You remove transactional, geographic, scheduling barriers to learning and knowledge development in order to achieve lower TCO and to drive innovation

Maximize your training $ spent by providing online access to the widest possible range of SAP Education training offerings while minimizing hardware, software and content maintenance costs, travel expenses and travel time.

You reap the benefits of today‘s learning style reality; reduced overhead costs, effective and efficient on-demand, in-time learning (regardless of course schedules and cancellations)

Sustain and develop your knowledge by gaining the flexibility and self-sufficiency that today’s business reality demands.

All SAP Online Knowledge Products, SAP eLearning, and SAP Learning Hub sessions are non-refundable.