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Application Developer Live Virtual
Code: DXP
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Tuition (USD): $2495
Length: 5 Days
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Skills Gained:
Learn how to build real-world applications quickly with this three-day course. Application Developer shows you how Liferay’s Module Framework reduces development time and makes your applications easier to maintain. You’ll also discover how things work behind the scenes so you can take full control of your application lifecycle.
  • Learn how to rapidly build real-world applications.
Who Should Attend?
Application Developers, Technical Leads, Portal Developers
  • Development experience with Java and Servlets.
What You Will Learn:
  • Day 1
  • • Development Environment
  • o Installing Developer Studio
  • o Liferay Development Environment
  • • Module Lifecycle
  • o Developing Applications in the Module Framework
  • o What are Modules?
  • o What are Components?
  • o Application Lifecycle
  • • Building Modules
  • o Building a module
  • • Building Services
  • o Service Architecture
  • o Creating a Basic Service
  • o Implementing Your Service
  • • The JSR-286 Portlet Specification
  • o A JSR-286 Portlet Specification
  • o What are Portlets?
  • o The Portlet Lifecycle
  • o What is IPC?
  • • Interacting with the Shell
  • o Overview of the Shell
  • o Bundle Installation
  • o Deployment Status
  • Day 2
  • • Building Portlet Modules
  • o Portlet Components
  • o Configuring Portlet Attributes
  • o Presentation Layer
  • o Controller Layer
  • • Debugging Module Deployment
  • o Dependency Resolution
  • o Troubleshooting Deployment
  • o Discovering Services
  • • Bringing Everything Together In a Real World Application
  • o Project Overview
  • o Creating the Portlet
  • o Model & Persistence Layer
  • o Service Layer
  • o View Layer
  • Day 3
  • • Liferay Utilities
  • o Common Utilities
  • o Tag Libraries
  • • Validation and Feedback
  • o Validation
  • o Feedback
  • • Implementing Permissions
  • o Permissions
  • • Liferay Services
  • o How to use Liferay Services
  • o Liferay’s Core Services
  • o Getting User Data
  • • Integrating with Liferay Frameworks
  • o The Content Framework
  • o Assets
  • o Search
  • • Upgrade Strategy
  • o Upgrading from Liferay 6 to 7
  • o Let’s Upgrade to Liferay 7
Course Info:
Course based on Version: DXP

Application Developer teaches how to quickly build applications that are ready for the real
world. This course goes over the OSGi Framework, showcasing Liferay’s new modular development paradigm for easier-to-maintain applications. Application Developer also covers the application lifecycle.

Learn how to rapidly build real-world applications.

Lightning development
Develop applications fast using self-contained and lightweight components.

Upgrade your toolbox
Understand how to use Liferay's tools to make development easier.

Look behind the curtain
Take control of your application lifecycle by understanding exactly what’s going on behind the scenes.

Laptop Requirements
6GB RAM (Recommended: 8GB RAM)
Windows x64, Mac OSX*, or Linux*
*Participants that use Mac OSX or Linux must be prepared to troubleshoot any operating system related issues as the trainer may not be familiar with these operating systems.

Course based on Version: DXP

Training for Liferay 6.1 and Liferay 6.2 available as Private Classroom

All In Person and Live Virtual classrooms are taught by a Liferay Certified Instructor.

This Live Virtual Liferay course will cover the same content and exercises as the in-person course, but in a 5-day online format. The 5-day format allows participants to have the full experience of the Application Developer course without taking up the entire work day and provides for better absorption of the materials. The training is scheduled for 5 hours each day, giving time before and/or after the training for participants to resume their tasks at work. As with any online training format, participants may have a different experience compared to the in-person training version of this course. Liferay recommends onsite training for the best training experience.

Note: Each registration permits one student to take part in the sessions. Those wishing to audit or observe the course in a non-participatory manner must register separately.

Early Bird Discounts (EBD) are available for Public class registrations made before EBD expiration. EBD Applied upon time of registration.
Training Hours: 9am-2pm Pacific Time