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(HY760e) SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud Customization & Integration (eLearning)
Code: HY760e SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud 1708
Type: null
Tuition (USD): $375
Length: 30 Days
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Location Date Guaranteed to Run
eLearning, US 02/01/2019

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Skills Gained:
1) Understand the technical concepts of different modules in Sap Hybris Marketing Cloud 2) Perform configurations using the "Manage Your Solution" application. 3) Develop an understanding about marketing processes across different SAP solutions. 4) Understand configurations required for the integration with other SAP systems (SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer)
Who Should Attend?
Technical Consultants Functional Consultants Solution Architects
  • Recommended: HY730E SAP Hybris Marketing Functional Analyst Online; HYB1 Experience SAP Hybris Solutions (openSAP Online course); HA100 SAP HANA Introduction; CLD100 Cloud for SAP; CLD900 SAP HANA Cloud Platform – Integration Service Overview
What You Will Learn:
  • 1) Day 1
  • 2) Overview – Introduction to SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud
  • a) Scenarios
  • b) Architecture
  • 3) Unit 1 – Consumer & Customer Profiling
  • 4) Consumer & Customer Profiling
  • a) Data Model for Interaction Contacts, Interactions, Products and Product Categories
  • b) Consumer/Customer/Corporate Accounts
  • c) Marketing Locations
  • d) Profile Dashboard
  • e) Sentiment Engagement
  • f) Customer Journey Insights
  • g) Configuration
  • h) Extensibility
  • i) Hands on Exercise
  • 5) Predictive Models & Scores
  • a) Overview of Scores
  • b) Predictive Scores
  • c) Predictive Model Management
  • d) Heuristic Scores
  • e) Hands on Exercise
  • 6) Unit 2 - Segmentation and Campaign Management
  • a) Segmentation
  • b) Segmentation Key Capabilities
  • c) Segmentation Builder
  • d) Segment Features
  • e) Segmentation Terminology
  • f) Segmentation Configuration
  • g) Building blocks
  • h) Attribute Groups
  • i) Export Definitions
  • j) Target Groups
  • k) Hands on Exercise
  • 7) Day 2
  • 8) Unit 2
  • 9) Acquisition
  • a) Marketing Campaign Scenarios Overview
  • b) Content Studio Features
  • c) Configurations
  • d) Campaign Automation
  • e) Facebook Custom Audiences
  • f) Export Definition
  • g) Paid Search Integration
  • h) Managing Marketing Permissions and Subscriptions
  • i) Marketing Success Analytics
  • 10) Unit 3 – Marketing Resource Management
  • a) Overview of Marketing Planning Apps, Roles & Terminology
  • b) Budget Planning
  • c) Programs
  • d) Spend Management
  • e) Marketing Calendar
  • f) Configurations of Marketing Resource Management
  • g) Business Administration in Marketing resource planning
  • h) Reporting
  • i) Hands on Exercise
  • 11) Unit 4 – Commerce Marketing – Recommendations
  • a) Product Recommendations
  • b) Recommendation Models, Algorithms, Recommendation Model Types and
  • 12) Recommendation Scenarios
  • a) Offer Recommendations
  • b) Consuming Recommendation Models in SAP Hybris Commerce
  • c) Customizing Data Sources and Algorithms
  • d) Hands on Exercise
  • 13) Day 3
  • 14) Unit 5 – Marketing Analytics
  • a) Overview of Marketing Analytics
  • b) SAP Analytics cloud
  • c) Embedded Analytics
  • d) Queries for Contacts & Profiles
  • e) Queries for Campaign Search
  • f) Queries for Lead Management
  • g) Queries for Survey Management
  • h) Extensibility Options in Marketing Analytics
  • i) Configurations in Marketing Analytics
  • 15) Unit 6– Business Administration Tasks & Data Upload
  • 16) Business Administration
  • a) Personalization
  • b) Identity Management
  • c) Self – Service Configuration
  • d) Extensibility
  • e) Business Administration in Integrations
  • 17) Data Upload
  • a) Importing Data Using OData
  • b) Steps to Import Data
  • c) Services to Import Various Types of Data
  • 18) Unit 7 – Lead Management & Integration of SAP Hybris Cloud for Custome
  • a) Integration Scenarios with C4C
  • b) Lead Stages and Scores
  • c) Marketing Application Jobs
  • d) Lead Transfer Application
  • e) Lead Transfer Campaigns
  • f) Success Reporting for Leads and Activities
  • g) Integration Errors
  • h) Lead Dashboard
  • i) Analytic Queries
  • j) Integration Steps
  • 19) Unit 8 – Best Practices for SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud
  • a) Overview of SAP Activate Framework
  • b) Best Practices and Scope Items
  • c) SAP Activate Methodology
  • d) Guided Configuration
  • e) Team Setup and Project Timeline
Course Info:
Course based on software release: SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud 1708

Duration: 1200 Min

Notes and announcements:

1. This course is designed to provide an in depth understanding about the implementation of the different modules of the SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud solution. The course aims not only to showcase "What are the underlying technical concepts" but also to provide information on "How to enhance the standard functionalities". Multiple hands on exercises are used to facilitate:
Options of configuration and enhancements in the standard solution
Details about the integration of SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud with SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

2. You will have access to this course for 30 days from the date of your registration mail.

3. This course free with the purchase of the Learning Hub Customer Edition subscription.

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