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Content Management Live Virtual
Code: Content Management DXP 7.1
Type: null
Tuition (USD): $1595
Length: 3 Days
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Location Date Guaranteed to Run
Live Virtual, US 09/10/2019

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Skills Gained:
1) In this Content Management course, you’ll learn how to manage and create content effectively to engage your users. Armed with the right knowledge, you’ll be ready for business needs as they arise. 2) The course begins with a review of new 7.1 editing features and how to create content quickly with Page Fragments, as well as how to generate web pages for intranets and extranets. You’ll learn how to store and retrieve your content, making sure users can access relevant content with Liferay’s updated search. Figure out how to work with both new and traditional tools for a holistic approach to managing content. 3) After discovering how to streamline your publication process with automation, you’ll focus on what you can do to interact with your users, from using Liferay’s Blogs to build trust in your brand to collecting data from your users with Forms that can help you refine your content and business strategies. 4) The last part of the course concentrates on the review, update, and publication process with Workflow and Staging. You’ll be able to ensure your entire business process is set and staged in Liferay, running smoothly behind the scenes from content creation to publication.
Who Should Attend?
Content Marketers, Marketing Leads, Site Administrators
  • We recommend you take Liferay Fundamentals before taking this course.
What You Will Learn:
  • 1) Captivate Your Users - Engaging Users with Content
  • a) ? Edit More Easily with New 7.1 Features like Inline Editing and Modern Site-Building
  • b) ? Create and Manage Content Quickly to Meet the Changing Needs of Your Business Creating and Editing Content
  • c) ? Create Content for Your Company Website
  • d) ? Apply Consistent Design with Structures and Templates
  • e) ? Edit Pages Like You’re Editing Content Digital Asset Management
  • f) ? Easily Store, Organize, Search For, and Distribute Content
  • g) ? Help Your Users Find the Content They Need Quickly
  • h) ? Ensure that Only the Latest, Approved Assets Are Used for External Distribution Self-Service Solutions ? Generate Landing Pages and Entire Sites with Templates
  • i) ? Simplify the Publishing Process with Automated, Dynamic Content
  • 2) Interact with Your Users - Publishing Relevant Blog Content to Win Your Customers Over
  • a) ? Build Trust and Establish Yourself as an Authority in Your Industry
  • b) ? Increase Brand Awareness with Consistent, High-Quality Content Finding the Right Content
  • c) ? Easily Search for What You Need
  • d) ? New Applications that Propel Relevant Results
  • e) ? Fine-Tuning Your Search Results Using Search Facets Go Global
  • f) ? Create Region-Specific Content for Effective Conversion
  • g) ? Equip Regional Offices to Target Local Markets Gathering User Feedback
  • h) ? Understand Your Customer and Employee Preferences with Forms
  • i) ? Analyzing Form Data to Make Better Decisions
  • 3) Manage Business Processes - Setting up Review Processes
  • a) ? Use Workflow to Implement Your Business Review Process
  • b) ? Stay in the Loop with Updates that Matter to You Completing the Digital Experience
  • c) ? Feature Overview: Analytics Cloud Commerce Mobile Publishing Content Live
  • d) ? Preview Your Content Before it Goes Live with Staging
  • e) ? Prepare, Manage, and Run Multiple Campaigns at the Same Time
Course Info:
Course based on Version: DXP 7.1

Course notes and announcements:

1) Create Digital Experiences for Your Users
Discover all the available tools you can use to simplify content creation and create modern, captivating sites.

2) Develop Strategies to Organize Content Effectively
Learn how to manage and organize thousands of articles and documents to help your users find the content they need quickly.

3) Take Control of Business Processes
Work better behind the scenes. Master workflow and staging to streamline publication and updates.

Setup Requirements

Windows x64, Mac OS X, or Linux x64
Administrative access to install software
Ability to configure or deactivate anti-virus/firewall software during training

?Oracle Java 8 JDK

An unzip tool such as 7-zip.
A full-featured text editor such as Notepad++.

Training for Liferay 6.1 and Liferay 6.2 available as Private Classroom

All In Person and Live Virtual classrooms are taught by a Liferay Certified Instructor.

The Live Virtual Content Management course will cover the same content and exercises as the in-person course, but in a 3-day online format. The 3-day format allows participants to have the full experience of the Content Management course without taking up the entire work day and provides for better absorption of the materials. The training is scheduled for 5 hours each day, giving time before and/or after the training for participants to resume their tasks at work. As with any online training format, participants may have a different experience compared to the in-person training version of this course. Liferay recommends onsite training for the best training experience.

Note: Each registration permits one student to take part in the sessions. Those wishing to audit or observe the course in a non-participatory manner must register separately.

Early Bird Discounts (EBD) are available for Public class registrations made before EBD expiration. EBD Applied upon time of registration