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(CLD100) Cloud for SAP v17
Code: CLD100 v17
Type: null
Tuition (USD): $1500
Length: 2 Days
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Skills Gained:
1) Understand the SAP Cloud Solution 2) Understand the SAP Cloud Strategy 3) Understand the Meaning of SAP Leonardo 4) Understand the meaning of Platform as a Service (PaaS) 5) Understand the meaning of Software as a Service (SaaS) 6) Understand the meaning of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 7) Understand SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud (HEC)
Who Should Attend?
Application Consultant Business Analyst Business Process Architect Business Process Owner/Team Lead/Power User Developer Developer Consultant Enterprise Architect Executive Program/Project Manager Solution Architect System Architect Technology Consultant User
  • Recommended: Basic knowledge about cloud technology
What You Will Learn:
  • 1) SAP Cloud Overview
  • a) Get an introduction to SAP Cloud
  • b) Explain Landscape Architecture-Relevant Terms
  • c) Explain Cloud Security
  • d) Explain SAP Leonardo
  • 2) Infrastructure and Database Services in PaaS
  • a) Get an Introduction of Platform as a Service
  • b) Perform a Deep Dive into PaaS
  • c) Explore the PaaS Infrastructure
  • d) Explain Data and Storage in PaaS
  • e) Explore Development and IT Operations Services
  • f) Explore internet of Things (IoT)
  • g) Explain Mobile Services
  • h) Use Runtime and Containers
  • 3) Application Development Services in PaaS
  • a) Introduce SaaS Extensions
  • b) Explain Analytics in PaaS
  • c) Explain Business Services in PaaS
  • d) Explain Collaboration in PaaS
  • e) Explain Integration Services
  • f) Explain Multi Cloud
  • g) Explain Security in PaaS
  • h) Explain User Experience
  • 4) Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • a) Get an Introduction about Software as a Service
  • b) Explore Core Business Applications
  • c) Explain Business Services on SAP Platform
  • d) Use API Business Hub
  • e) Understand SaaS Extensions on SAP Cloud Platform
  • 5) SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) #
  • a) Explain SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud
  • b) Join SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform Together
  • c) Unlock the Digital Business
  • 6) Interction of all Components
  • a) Explain the Interaction of all Components
Course Info:
Course based on software release: SAP CP trial; Eclipse Mars; JDK

Notes and announcements:

1. This course is designed for everyone, who wants to get a basic information about the cloud solutions of SAP. It delivers a basic overview and prepares for all other cloud related courses. This course comes with hands on, designed to get a better understanding of the integration of cloud solutions to SAP solutions.

This is a SAP CERTIFIED Course. Your course will include Full Class Delivery of the comprehensive standard SAP curriculum agendas, SAP Certified Instructor, Demonstration and Presentation, Student Hands on exercises, Access to SAP Hosted servers/training environment, SAP Certified e-book participant guides and SAP Certified Hard copy participant guides.

This 2 day instructor led course qualifies for 16 CPE Credits. CPE Credits are currently available only for publicly scheduled courses delivered live at SAP locations and our Authorized Education Partner locations.

With virtual live classroom training you get comprehensive training from SAP experts using seamless over-the Web connectivity. The same content delivered in SAP's traditional "brick and mortar" classrooms is presented during virtual live classroom deliveries. As in SAP's traditional classrooms, SAP virtual live classroom stresses hands-on learning providing each registered student with exclusive access to live SAP systems throughout each course. Each Virtual Live class is taught by a SAP Certified Instructor and will include an e-book student guide for you to download and keep. CPE Credits are currently available only for publicly scheduled courses delivered live at SAP locations and our Authorized Education Partner locations. CPE Credits are not available for virtual live classroom sessions.