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(BW330E) SAP BW Modeling & Implementation (eLearning)
Code: BW330e v10
Type: null
Tuition (USD): $936
Length: 182 Days
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Location Date Guaranteed to Run
eLearning, US 08/14/2020
eLearning, US 08/15/2020
eLearning, US 08/16/2020
eLearning, US 08/17/2020
eLearning, US 08/18/2020
eLearning, US 08/19/2020
eLearning, US 08/20/2020
eLearning, US 08/21/2020
eLearning, US 08/22/2020
eLearning, US 08/23/2020
eLearning, US 08/24/2020
eLearning, US 08/25/2020
eLearning, US 08/26/2020
eLearning, US 08/27/2020
eLearning, US 08/28/2020
eLearning, US 09/01/2020
eLearning, US 09/02/2020
eLearning, US 09/03/2020
eLearning, US 09/04/2020
eLearning, US 09/05/2020
eLearning, US 09/06/2020
eLearning, US 09/07/2020
eLearning, US 09/08/2020
eLearning, US 09/09/2020
eLearning, US 09/10/2020
eLearning, US 09/11/2020
eLearning, US 09/12/2020
eLearning, US 09/13/2020

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Skills Gained:
Learn procedures within modeling of SAP Business Warehouse Learn how to create a Layered Scalable Architecture
Who Should Attend?
Application Consultant Business Analyst Business Process Architect Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User Enterprise Architect Program / Project Manager Technology Consultant
  • Essential: BW310 or BW310e, Basic knowledge of data modeling
What You Will Learn:
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Architecture
  • Determining EDW Architecture
  • Planning the Architecture of an EDW
  • Using the EDW Layers
  • Determining the Purpose of the Data Mart Layers
  • Determining the Purpose of the Operational Data Store Layer
  • The Modeling Process
  • Identifying Decision Areas within SAP BW Projects
  • Performing Requirements Analysis
  • Creating a Logical Data Model
  • Developing the SAP BW Data Model
  • Creating Graphical Data Models and Templates
  • Data Modeling Practice
  • Drafting a Data Model
  • Summarizing Data Modeling Practice
  • BI Content Analysis
  • Listing the Uses of BI Content
  • Comparing a Data Model with BI Content
  • InfoObject Models
  • Listing the Tables in the SAP BW Data Model
  • Implementing Tracking History Scenarios
  • Using Reference Characteristics
  • Using Hierarchies
  • Using Key Figures
  • Creating Translation Types for Currency Translation
  • Creating Translation Types for Quantity Conversion
  • Creating a Data Model for Mapping Non-Cumulative Values in SAP BW
  • Modeling DataStore Objects
  • Modeling DataStore Objects
  • Using Real Time Data Acquisition (RDA)
  • Multi-Dimensional Modeling
  • Determining the SAP BW Star Schema
  • Designing the Dimensions of the SAP BW InfoCube
  • Enhanced InfoProvider Modeling
  • Modeling MultiProviders
  • Modeling an SPO
  • Modeling an InfoSet
  • Modeling a VirtualProvider
  • Modeling a HybridProvider
  • Explaining InfoProviders in SAP BW and the InfoProvider Decision Tree
  • Data Model Remodeling
  • Modifying a Data Model
  • Information Lifecycle Management
  • Describing Information Lifecycle Management
  • LSA++ with SAP BW on SAP HANA
  • Determining the Advantages of SAP BW on SAP HANA
  • Determining the Enhancements of LSA++ with SAP HANA
  • Notes: This course contains only a short overview over the Layered Scalable Architecture++ with SAP HANA, no exercises or demonstrations are perfomed for LSA++ or on SAP HANA
  • This course does not discuss operational solutions or specific technical company scenarios.
Course Info:
Courses based on software release: SAP Business Warehouse 7.4

Course length: 1200 minutes

Course notes and announcements:

1) Learn the procedures within modeling of the BW Enterprise Data Warehouse and acquire deep knowledge about modeling and implementation of data warehousing with SAP BW 7.4.

2) This course contains only a short overview over the Layered Scalable Architecture++ with SAP HANA, no exercises or demonstrations are perfomed for LSA++ or on SAP HANA

3) This course does not discuss operational solutions or specific technical company scenarios.

E-Learning (single course access)

In order for your company to get the most from its SAP investment, your executives need to understand the full potential of your solution - and your users need the right skills to accomplish their daily tasks. That's why SAP Education offers a growing catalog of e-learning offerings - highly interactive, Web-based courses that enable you to deliver the timely, focused training your organization demands.

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All SAP Online Knowledge Products and SAP eLearning sessions are non-refundable