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(2169) Mastering AngularJS, Dev. Rich Internet Apps (RAI) using AngularJS
Code: 2169 v1/19/2018
Type: null
Tuition (USD): $5995
Length: 5 Days
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Skills Gained:
Create simple apps with Angular Use Angular with and in place of jQuery AngularJS works with the Model, View, and Controller in your web app Use AngularJS expressions, filters, validation , and binding Advanced concepts and skills working with validation, routing, bootstrap, unit testing, custom filters, and promises Build robust and well-designed web applications (not web-sites) Create sites that perform well on mobile devices (iPhones, iPads and mobile devices) Create efficient sites that make use of Ajax and RESTful services Techniques used by the most advanced AngularJS shops in the world Insider tips from Angular experts who have real-world, practical experience
Who Should Attend?
Experienced web developers who want to learn AngularJS in order to create maintainable, responsive and modular Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) using the most current skills and technologies.
What You Will Learn:
  • Virtual Classroom Live Outline
  • 1. Introduction to Angular
  • 2. Angular Quick Start
  • 3. Setting Up the Angular Environment
  • 4. What is MVC?
  • 5. Intro to Directives/Built-In Directives
  • 6. Angular Controllers
  • 7. Angular Views
  • 8. Angular Events
  • 9. Forms with Angular
  • 10. Templates
  • 11. Angular Scopes
  • 12. Angular Providers
  • 13. Services
  • 14. Modules
  • 15. Ajax with Angular
  • 16. Filters
  • 17. Single-Page Apps
  • 18. Routing
  • 19. Unit Testing Angular
  • 20. Angular with Bootstrap
  • 21. Validation
  • 22. Custom Directives
  • 23. Transclusion
  • 24. Custom Filters
  • 25. Promises
  • Virtual Classroom Live Labs
  • You will build a rich functional web application from scratch, using and applying the skills learned and acquired throughout the course, spending at least 50% of the course time working on the hands-on portion of the training. The labs will focus on building a site that includes:
  • SPAs (Single-page apps) with Angular routing
  • Templates
  • Ajax calls to a RESTful service (Node, Express, MongoDB)
  • Client-side MVC using AngularJS
  • Angular events, forms, validations, templates, one-way and two-way data binding, providers, services, filters
  • Mobile device-friendly via a responsive web design
  • All using AngularJS best practices for a well-designed site
Course Info:
AngularJS is the modern framework of choice for organizations who are creating the newest, most exciting web applications. It’s a powerful client-side JavaScript MVC framework from Google that supports simple, maintainable, responsive and modular Rich Internet Applications.

After understanding how HTML5 and JavaScript work together, web developers soon realize that in order to create truly capable web applications, code can easily become complex and expensive to maintain. This is where the simplicity and beauty of AngularJS comes into play. This client-side MVC-like framework allows developers to drastically reduce the amount of JavaScript code required to be written by making web applications easier to understand at all levels. AngularJS takes care of the wiring and “magic” required to make our web applications truly abstract.

Follow-On Courses: None

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